Imagine, a whole planet without tiktokers

They can get 4k footage from Mars, but stores still can't get HD cameras

Andro Granada
i see this is the Location of the Movie "Total Recall" by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. 🤔

Video Ezy
whys the narrator sound like the old VHS movie trailers lol

Images: nice Music: nice Captions: interesting Voice over: ...

Looks like everyone is in quarantine on Mars too 😁

Another world? It looks like West Texas.

İlayda Köse
it would be so creepy to being here Silent, motionless and infinite like death. hey, martians I hope you're right there 👽

Nous sommes les envahisseurs, ceux que nous imaginions arriver de l'espace, sans nulle autre pour le constater.

no covid in mars

Jim Bob
This goes to show the miracle of life on earth, how humans have evolved to be the highest form of life for our civilisation at this time. It makes you ponder the previous forms of life here - the dinosours before us. It does look like our destiny is to push the earths resources supply until nature cannot take it any more, and do a reset. Nature is the one to revere, nature is what we should all protect.

John Kwon
The Earth was created billions of years ago, but human-beings only came into existence millions of years ago. I believe that other planets within the Solar System takes on similar traits as the Earth; thus is it possible to be born and dead periodically through the influence of some reason. Most of civilization is short but universe included the other planets like Mars is long forever

Hell Hammer
So we already start throwing trash around on a whole new planet.

so mars has wind ? water ? judging by the patterns of the sand...

KPS Karbxn
Let’s all take a minute and thank Optimus Prime for narrating.

Why does it feel like a massive tragedy happened on Mars and this is us trying to rebuild a lost civilization?
Whoever is the first woman or man to step on Mars should do a signature dance so that they own that shit like the moonwalk

saitej g
Just imagine if I get one rock and get back to earth I became billionaire by selling rock.

Wyatt Hasan
Looks like: when you walk too far out in any free roam game.

Incredible, it gives the feeling of a planet that was already inhabited millions and millions of years ago